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Someday Soon a Change Is Gonna Come

Baby Put on Your Mask

Can I Call You My Friends?

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Hi everybody, Popa Chubby here

We got off the road on March 12, 2020 last show was in Key West Florida. We barreled home in my Chevy Van 1000 miles no stopping. It seemed the world was on the verge of shutting down. So I was home in isolation with a bunch of guitars, drums, amps, microphones losing my mind.

I started writing songs. I wanted to make people feel better so the first was “Can I Call You My Friends?” The answer was a resounding yes. We had 30K hits on social media almost overnight and the outpouring of love was both healing and mind boggling. So I continued writing and recording. No musicians in the studio so I had to use my skills, my balls and my soul. All I had! Luckily there was a never ending flow of ideas that stemmed from what was going on in America and the world. This record is as true as I have ever been in 60 years on the planet. It’s birthed from love, desperation, fear, frustration, pain, joy, sorrow, and  resolution. Like you I have been pushed to the limits of my humanity by the pandemic. But music sweet  music has set me straight once again and I offer this work with humility and devotion to you all.


So I'm asking for your help in getting this record out and whether you have a little or a lot, it’s all greatly appreciated. From pre order packages to associate, executive and V.I.P. participation it will all help me getting this work out independently! You can explore nine great package options in Popa's Store


So put on your tinfoil hit and join me for a ranting rave through my own personal looking glass!



Popa Chubby

Hudson Valley N.Y. 2020

All preorders will ship by or before November 31, 2020

Except vinyl which ships by March 2021


As of now all 2020 dates have been postponed until 2021

I long for the connection of live performance and cannot wait to be able to play safely again! We are planning possible tour dates for Spring and Autumn 2021 with shows in all European markets. The Olympia show in Oct. 2021 is firm as is the “Keeping The Blues Alive at Sea” cruise in Feb. 2021. With the help of science and an effective vaccine we look forward to getting back to the people. In the meantime please enjoy the 11 new tunes from “Tinfoil Hat” due out in Europe on March 6. To preorder go to the store which is fully stocked with Official Popa Chubby merchandise including CDs, vinyl, t-shirts, picks, hats, posters and more! And remember! Popa Chubby loves you !


Here's something to really look forward to in 2021! 

How awesome it will be when Popa returns to this great venue 

October 10, 2021, Olympia

Paris, FR 


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